Pet Portraits by pete fryer

Welcome to the Pete Fryer pet portrait website...

I get a great deal of pleasure from painting portraits of pets. I see the happiness
they give to pet owners and the comfort they bring to those who have had a pet
pass away.
My name is Peter and I’ve been painting pretty much most of my life, I specialize in
pet portraiture using water color to achieve the detail I want in a painting.
Whether you are just surfing the internet, window shopping, or you are considering
commissioning a portrait of your pet, I hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery.
If you are considering having a portrait painted of your pet, please visit the
‘Commission Information’ page where you’ll find some  tips for taking reference
photographs. Sometimes a beloved pet has passed away and you don’t have any good photos, let me take a look at what you do have.  It may still be possible to fill in the details.