Pricing and Contact Information
The information below, including the chart are to provide you with a rough example of what you can expect to pay for a portrait. The size of the picture and type of background will  have the greatest influence on the final price.

I’ve shown a few pricing examples for the more common sizes and additional cost for different types of
background similar to those shown here. Some customers like to see more than one pet in the picture,
this will also have an affect on the final price of the finished painting.
If you have any additional questions regarding pricing or any other information, you may
contact me either by phone or e-mail for an informal discussion about your personal requirements.
Prices in Watercolor can be up to approximately $200.00 for each additional pet included in the portrait.   
It should be noted that sizes under 16“x 20” are not suitable for multiple images.
The three paintings shown here are typical examples backgrounds.
Of course no background at all as shown in the first picture would be the most cost effective way to go,
allowing only the white artboard to show through which a lot of people prefer. This method visually enhances
the detail present in the pet.
A background similar to the middle painting can cost roughly up to about $75.00
The background in the last painting being somewhat more involved, could be approximately $150.00
A small deposit would be required before I could make a start on the painting.
Phone:- 1-519-637-0536
Mailing address:- 17 Rodney Cres., St. Thomas, Ontario N3R 6E1 Canada